Thank you for bringing your client to a Sky Realty Company community. By registering their name(s) with Sky Realty Company when you visit our office, you will establish a Buyer's Broker Agency. If your client(s) purchase a home, you will be protected and receive a commission as provided for in (E) below. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we will honor your registration for Sixty (60) days from the date of this registration with the following stipulations:

A. The Buyer's Broker Agent must accompany and register their client(s) and on their client(s) first visit to the Sales Office. We will not honor agency if the buyers have visited the sales office prior to registration.

B. Online Registration - Buyer's Brokers can visit Buyer's Brokers can pre-register clients and must accompany their registered clients within three calendar days to the Sky Realty Company Sales Office.

C. After Sixty (60) days, the Buyer's Broker Agency relationship must be established again in writing by re-registering your client(s), if there is NOT an executed offer.

E. Sky Realty Company pays a commission rate of 3% of the total purchase price to the Buyer's Broker.

G. If client(s) return with another Realtor/Buyer's Broker subsequent to this date, this registration will become null and void.